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Upgrade your plot world experience with new pre-built plot roads! With this resource you can transform your world from a basic plot world to a unique one! With easy to follow installation and help articles available if necessary.

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River Dividing Plot Road

Most Popular 1.8-Latest 3 Sizes

$5.99 USD

Dry Desert Plot Road

1.8-Latest 2 Sizes

$4.99 USD

Prison Yard Plot Road

1.8-Latest 2 Sizes

$4.99 USD

Suburbs Plot Road

NEW! 1.13-Latest 3 Sizes

$4.99 USD

Enchanted Forest Plot Road

1.8-Latest 3 Sizes

$5.99 USD

Winter Wonderland Plot Road

1.8-Latest 2 Sizes

$4.99 USD

Laboratory Plot Road

1.8-Latest 2 Sizes

$4.99 USD

Rooftop Plot Road

NEW! 1.13-Latest 2 Sizes

$3.99 USD

Tropical Island Plot Road

1.8-Latest 3 Sizes

$5.99 USD

City Builder Plot Road

1.8-Latest 3 Sizes

$5.99 USD

Building Platform Plot Road

1.8-Latest 2 Sizes

$4.99 USD

Castle Courtyard Plot Road

Coming Soon! 1.13-Latest 2 Sizes

$4.99 USD

Customer Reviews

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"Truly very great road schematic. Provided with a very easy step-by-step tutorial to installation with 0 errors."


"The installation guide was a bit confusing but when I joined the support server I got a very speedy and professional response. Highly recommend this product."


"Perfect! Worked as intended, and when we ran into problems, the developer resolved it in record time!"

SlowNewt Hi

Awesome schematic! Had an issue with block rotation and author replied near enough IMMEDIATELY with an update released within 24 hours. Highly recommended!


Thank you, very easy instructions, worked first time :) - and lovely plots


"I was having issues with this, contacted the author, he got back to me fast and helped me solve all my issues, and when I put it in my server and saw it in my person. I was stunned away! This is so amazing and perfect for any server <3"


Great schematic.Perfect creation teaching, can also be used directly.


"Awesome plot schematic! comes with a tutorial and everything. I'm amazed with how much of a quality resource this is for a plot schematic!!! Thank you so much! =D"

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